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Global 10kw - 1000kw biomass gasifier with gas generator powered

کیفیت خوب دیزل ژنراتور باز برای فروش
کیفیت خوب دیزل ژنراتور باز برای فروش
GLOBAL POWER is highly praised from business philosophy of integrity, pragmatic innnovation, growing ever stronger in the fierce market competitiom.

—— Mr Chen

Thanks to GLOBAL POWER being accompanied all the way!

—— Steven

Honesty, Win-win, Everlasting coperation for Global Power , for both us!

—— Mr Su Jundao

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Global 10kw - 1000kw biomass gasifier with gas generator powered

چین Global 10kw - 1000kw biomass gasifier with gas generator powered تامین کننده

تصویر بزرگ :  Global 10kw - 1000kw biomass gasifier with gas generator powered

جزئیات محصول:

Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
نام تجاری: Global Power
گواهی: CE / ISO
Model Number: GPBG-80CS-1


Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
قیمت: negotiable
Packaging Details: plastic foam or plywood case packing
Delivery Time: 25 days after receiveing the down-payment
Supply Ability: 2000 sets/year
توضیحات محصول جزئیات
Engine Brand: Cummins/ Weichai Engine: GTA5.9-G2....
Alternator Brands: Stamford / Meecalt / Global Power Excitation Mode:: AVR Brushless
Cooling system: water cooled Start method: Electric starting
Gas type: Biomass gas Rated speed: 1500/1800rpm

gas engine generator


gas powered generators

Global 10kw - 1000kw biomass gasifier with gas generator powered


The basic principle of our biomass gasification system is to convert Agriculture and forestry products and wood processing remains (including rick husks, wood powder, branches, offcuts, corn straws, rice straws, wheat straws, cotton straws, fruit shells, coconut shells, palm shells, bagasse, corncobs and etc.) into combustible gas . It is then used as fuel in thermal and electric power application. Biomass gasification successfully conquers the disadvantages of biomass, such as low flammability and wide diversity. Biomass gasification system is characteristic of small land requirement and environment friendly. It’s one of the most effective way of biomass utilization.


General data 

Engine brand


Alternator brand


Engine model


Alternator model

UCI 274C/80



Prime power




Protection grade


Cooling method

water cooled

Excitation mehtod


Start method

electric starting

Insulation grade



Our Picture :
Global 10kw - 1000kw biomass gasifier with gas generator powered

Our Service:

  1. If you are interested in our products we sincerely invite you to take a visit of our factory when you are in China. We can drive to pick you up and visit our factory.
  2.  Suggest the best choice or referential suggestion based on customers’ information. Answer all questions about the product from customer.
  3. Build customers’ profiles, follow-up service, make regular calls on customers.

Warranty and Maintenance:

  1. Guarantee Period: One year or 1000 running hours whichever comes first. 
  2. During the guarantee period, the spare-parts will be sent through your shipping agency in China. 
  3. Spare-parts can also be sent by air express.                                                                 

Weichai Series Gas Generator Model List 

Model Engine Model/power Prime Power KW/KVA Copy Stamford Alternator-1 Stamford Alternator-2
GP-10GFQ CR485Q1/14 10 WHI 164C/10.8 PI 044F/10
GP-12GFQ CR485Q2 12 WHI 164D/12.8 PI 044G/12
GP-15GFQ CR4100Q/25 15 WHI 184ES/16 PI 144D/16
GP-20GFQ CR4100Q/25 20 WHI 184FS/20 PI 144E/20
GP-25GFQ CR4105Q1/30 25 WHI 184G/25 PI 1 44G/24
GP-30GFQ CR4105Q2/38 30 WHI184H/30 PI 144J/32
GP-40GFQ CR6105Q1/50 40 WHI 224D/40 UCI224D/40
GP-50GFQ CR6105Q2/60 50 WHI 224E/50 UCI224E/48
GP-60GFQ CR6105ZQ/71 60 WHI 224F/60 UCI224F/58
GP-80GFQ CR6140Q1/100 80 WHI 274C/80 UCI274C/80
GP-100GFQ CR6140Q2/132 100 WHI 274ES/100 UCI 274D/96
GP-120GFQ CR6140Q3/132 120 WHI 274FS/120 UCI 274F/128
GP-150GFQ CR12V138Q1/180 150 WHI 274G/150 UCI 274H/160
GP-180GFQ CR12V138Q2 180 WHI 274J/180 UCDI274J/184
GP-200GFQ CR12V138Q3/235 200 WHI 274K/200 UCDI 274K/200


  1. Gas generator has very good quality
    Generator works with single rotatory movement and fast reaction rate
    of electronic speed controller . It is stable when working with high
    precision output voltage and rate, small fluctuation.
    It electrical performance index is superior than diesel generator sets.
  2. Gas generator has very good start performance and
    high start-up success rate
    It only costs 30 seconds when successfully startover from cold starting
    to full load. It can guarantee its success rate under any environment
    and any climate.
  3. Gas generator has low noise and small vibration
    The vibration is very small when the gas generator is under high speed
    rotation with very low noise.
    Gas generator uses clean and cheap combustible gas
    For example, methane gas, straw gas, methane etc are cheap fuel with
    reliable operation and no pollution.

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