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4kw Mobile Light Tower

چین 4kw Mobile Light Tower تامین کننده

تصویر بزرگ :  4kw Mobile Light Tower

جزئیات محصول:

Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
نام تجاری: Global Power
گواهی: ISO/CQC
Model Number: GP


Minimum Order Quantity: 3sets
قیمت: Negociable
Packaging Details: Plastic Foam or Plywood Pallet
Delivery Time: 20 days
Supply Ability: 2000sets /year
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توضیحات محصول جزئیات
Landuse Type of Unit: Low Noise, soudproof Installation Method: Fixed
Excitation Mode: AC Rotating Exciter Usage: Common Units / Emergency Power
Cooling Method: Water Cooled System Output: AC Single / Three Phase
Mast Operated System: Manual Voltage: 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V
Protection Grade: IP21-IP23

4kw Mobile Light Tower


Engine Features:


1. World most famous brand diesel engine: Kubota/with yanmar engine /with with perkins engine engine/with cummins engine

2. Mufti-cylinder in-line or veer engine, 4-stroke, direct injection

3. Naturally aspirated, turbocharged, water cooled or turbocharged with air intercooler

4. Machinery or electronic governing

5. Fuel injection pump

6. Electric motor starting system

7. Forged steel crankshaft, cast iron cylinder and replaceable wet type cylinder liner

8. Low discharge, and low fuel consumption

9. Installed conveniently and maintain easily


Alternator Features:

1. World famous brand AC alternator, Stamford, Meccalte,Faraday, 

2. Brushless, 4 poles, rotation magnet

3. IP21-23(NEMA1) enclose is standard for all industrial alternators

4. H class insulation system

5. AVR self-regulated, voltage regulation rate:


Standard Configuration of GLOBAL POWER mobile lighting tower design:
1. Japan Kubota engine, UK engine, Cummins engine, Yangdong engine
2. Original Stamford alternator, faraday, Meccalte alternator or Copy Stamford alternator
3. Weather proof and Soundproof canopy design
4. Control panel : Deepsea, Comap,Smartgen...
5. DELIXI or CHINT circuit breaker
6. 50hours Continuous Working Hours Base Fuel Tank7. Anti-Vibration Mounted System
8. Battery and battery charger
9. Industrial silencer and flexible exhaust hose
10. Big wheels for Road
11. Hydraulic operated mast and Manual operated mast
12. 8M/9M/11M high mast
13. Muilt-options of lamps: 4x1000W, 4x1500W, 4x2000W, 6x1000W, 6x1500W, 6x2000W



Mast & Lamp Max. extension of mast 4.8m 9m 9m
Stages 2 3 3
Total power of lamps 4*400W 4*1000W 4*1000W
Light capacity 4*250000 lumen 4*110000lumen 4*110000lumen
Lifetime of lamp 2000 hours 5000 hours 5000 hours
Generator Model END6500I EN-10k END-20C
Rated Power 50Hz 4.2kw 50Hz 6.0kw 50Hz 20kw
60Hz 5.0kw 60Hz 8.0kw 60Hz 23kw
Standby Power 50Hz 4.5kw 50Hz 7.0kw 50Hz 22kw
60Hz 5.5kw 60Hz 9.0kw 60Hz 25kw
Engine model RP186FA Kubota D1105-BG with perkins engine 1003G
Fuel tank capacity 16L 100L 120L
Prime fuel consumption ≤1.65L/h ≤2.0L/h ≤5.25L/h
Trailer Stabilizer Support 4*manual 5*manual 5*manual
Tire Size Diameter=25cm Diameter=25cm Diameter=25cm
Anti-wind capacity ≤6 ≤10 ≤10
Dimension Dimension(mm) 1300*840*2600 4400*1200*1930 4400*1450*2100
Net Weight 350kg 870kg 1950kg


Benefits of GLOBAL POWER mobile lighting towers:
1. Stable function, convenient service;
2. Low operating cost results in optional economy;
3. Gets the job done wherever you are;
4. Ease of installation, operation and maintenance.
4kw Mobile Light Tower

GLOBAL POWER mobile lighting tower testing items
1) Parts fault testing
2) Fue tank pressure testing
3) Bolt tightening torque testing
4) Painting thickness testing
5) Voltage bearing and insultion testing
6) Noise testing
7) Lamps testing
8) Loading testing: All qualified generator sets are subjected to a comprehensive performance test which inclides 0% load, 25% load, 50% load, 75% load, 100% load and 110% load and to check, verify that all control systems, alarm and shut-own protection





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