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خانه محصولاتژنراتور AC بدون برس

Synchronous Brushless Alternator Generator AC three phase, 1800r/min

کیفیت خوب دیزل ژنراتور باز برای فروش
کیفیت خوب دیزل ژنراتور باز برای فروش
GLOBAL POWER is highly praised from business philosophy of integrity, pragmatic innnovation, growing ever stronger in the fierce market competitiom.

—— Mr Chen

Thanks to GLOBAL POWER being accompanied all the way!

—— Steven

Honesty, Win-win, Everlasting coperation for Global Power , for both us!

—— Mr Su Jundao

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Synchronous Brushless Alternator Generator AC three phase, 1800r/min

چین Synchronous Brushless Alternator Generator AC three phase, 1800r/min تامین کننده
Synchronous Brushless Alternator Generator AC three phase, 1800r/min تامین کننده Synchronous Brushless Alternator Generator AC three phase, 1800r/min تامین کننده

تصویر بزرگ :  Synchronous Brushless Alternator Generator AC three phase, 1800r/min

جزئیات محصول:

Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
نام تجاری: Gloabl Power
گواهی: CE / ISO
Model Number: GPI 4E


Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
قیمت: negotiable
Packaging Details: plastic foam or plywood case packing
Delivery Time: 25 days after receiveing the down-payment
Supply Ability: 2000 sets/year
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توضیحات محصول جزئیات
Rated Voltage: 440 - 480V,380V Rated Frequency: 60 Hz
Rated Power: 420kva, 381kva Rotation Speed: 1800 r/min
Feature: Brushless Dimension: 155 x 87 x 107(cm)
Output Type: AC Three Phase Protection Grade: IP 23
Insulation class: H

Synchronous Brushless Alternator Generator


 Technical Specifications : 

Control System Ser.4 Separately Excited by P.M.G. 
A.V.R  MX321 MX341
Voltage Regulation ±1.0% ±1.0%
Control System Ser.4 Self Excited
A.V.R Standard SX460 Optional AS440
Voltage Regulation ±1.0% ±1.0%
Insulation System Class H
Protection IP23
Rated Power Factor 0.8
Stator Winding Double Layer Concentric
Winding Pitch Two Third
Winding Leads 12
Stator Wdg. Resistance 0.009 Ohms Per Phase at 22°C Series Star Connected
Rotor Wdg. Resistance 1.19 Ohms at 22°C
Exciter Stator Resistance 18 Ohms at 22°C 
Exciter Rotor Resistance 0.068 Ohms Per Phase AT 22°C
Maximum Overspeed 2250 Rev/Min
Weight Comp. Generator 1024 kg 1030 kg
Weight Wound Stator 470 kg 470 kg
Weight Wound Rotor 400 kg 377 kg
WR² Ineria 4.6331 kgm2 4.4343 kgm2
Shipping Weight in a crate 1095 kg 1100 kg
Packing Crate Size 155 x 87 x 107(cm) 155 x 87 x 107(cm)
  50 Hz 60 Hz
Telephone Interference THF<2% TIF<50
Cooling Air 0.8 m³/sec 1700 cfm  0.99 m³/sec 2100 cfm
Voltage Series Star  380/220 400/231  415/240 440/254 416/240 440/254 460/266 480/277
kVA Base Rating for Reactance Values 350 350 350 350   400 420 440 440

Our Features :
1) four-pole brushless self-excited, drip proof structure.
2) The stator, wound in 2/3 pitch, can effectively inhibit the waveform distortion of the output voltage, and reduce the heat of the magnetic field.
3) The rotor will reduce the voltage deviation and temperature rise under non-constant load with the assistance of dynamic balance and the impeccable damper before assembly.
4) The output power of the exciter rotor will supply the main rotor through a three-phase full-wave bridge rectifier, which is protected by a surge suppressor, in order to avoid damage from the shock caused by the out-of-step phase on short circuit or in parallel.
5) Automatic Voltage Regulator has the characteristics to protect he automatic load-shedding function of an engine. It will quickly reduce the output voltage of a genset if the engine speed is lower than the normal speed, which helps the engine or prime mover recover rapidly in the sudden heavy load.
Standard :
Global Power industrial generators meet the requirements of BS EN 60034 and the relevant section of other international standards such as BS5000, VDE 0530, NEMA MG1-32, IEC34, CSA C22.2-100, AS1359.
Other standards and certifications can be considered on request.
Voltage Regulator:
With this self excited control system the main stator supplies power via the Automatic Voltage Regulator
(AVR) to the exciter stator. 
The exciter rotor output is fed to the main rotor through a three phase full wave bridge rectifier. 
MX341 AVR:
This sophisticated AVR is incorporated into the Stamford Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) control
system. The PMG provides power via the AVR to the main exciter, giving a source of constant excitation power independent of generator output. 
An engine relief load acceptance feature can enable full load to be applied to the generator in a single step. We recommend three-phase sensing for applications with greatly unbalanced or highly non-linear loads.
Shaft & Keys:
All generator rotors are dynamically balanced to better than BS6861:Part 1 Grade 2.5 for minimum vibration in operation. Two bearing generators are balanced with a half key.
Our Picture:
Synchronous Brushless Alternator Generator AC three phase, 1800r/min
1) Guarantee Period: One year or 1000 running hours whichever comes first. 
2) During the guarantee period, the spare-parts will be sent through your shipping agency in China. 
3) Spare-parts can also be sent by air express.
4) 24 hours service hotline is available for customers. 
Our Service :
1. If you are interested in our products we sincerely invite you to take a visit of our factory when you are in China. We can drive to pick you up and visit our factory.
2. Suggest the best choice or referential suggestion based on customers’ information. Answer all questions about the product from customer.
3. Build customers’ profiles, follow-up service, make regular calls on customers.

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